Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer's Gone... Blogging Is Dead?

Summer has come & gone with barely an opportunity to acknowledge, much less enjoy it. Things around this island seem to be settling down now that the summer visitors have returned home to jobs, school and normalcy. I've been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to travel around the state on behalf of a handful of mainland publications and racked up a few good projects for major companies doing business here in Hawaii... Hawaiian Host Chocolates, Kiwanis International and Tommy Bahama to name just a few... and of course, there's been plenty to keep me busy with my unpaid passion of relaunching and operating, along with a fantastic crew of dedicated, talented and passionate individuals, our little island community FM radio station with a global reach.

Over the past month or so, I've noticed that many of my favorite photography bloggers have all but disappeared. The best of the aggregate sites for good photography blogging, The Photography Post, has disappeared altogether. Others seem to have moved the bulk of their online activities to alternative social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and others. Having resisted it for years, even I have thrown my hat into the Instagram pool. I find Instagram far less intrusive and far less creepy than what I perceive Facebook to have become. Feel free to follow me there by clicking on the icon below:


Preparations are well underway for another project in S.E. Asia which will occupy an entire month. Bali, Java, Taipei & Taiwan are on the agenda and hopes are high that there will also be time to spend a few days exploring Myanmar (formerly Burma). Departure date is planned for October 9th. If anyone is in need of images or assignments from that part of the world, be sure to hit me up...

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