Friday, March 28, 2014

March Marches Out

Today the inbox contained a note from Agency Access with a link to today's wisdom: 

6 Unspoken Rules of Successful Blogging. 

Rule# 1: Post Frequently But Don't Overdo It

Little chance of overdoing things here despite  best intentions.

Some of the stuff we've been up to during the past month:
  • Celebrated another lap around the sun
  • Drank tequila for breakfast with an attorney
  • Got rejected from two consecutive juried exhibitions
  • Sold a print that had been entered in one of said exhibitions
  • Received a phone flogging from a local arts org ed
  • Met some goats and worked on another farm to table story
  • Cut sampled the cheese
  • Photographed a state politician and exploited his family
  • Attended the grand opening of a great new restaurant
  • Drank more tequila but not for breakfast this time
  • Met a really cool dog
  • Worked with new & talented make-up stylist
  • Worked with a really talented chef & shot some more food
  • Shot some products
  • Watched it rain. A lot.
  • Started the application process for a new nonprofit corp
  • Hosted my weekly radio show
  • Surrendered any attempts to manage the unmanageable
  • Compiled the annual packet of lies accounting and handed them off to the cpa
  • Schemed an east coast getaway in May
  • Schemed a s.e. asia getaway to follow
  • Watched it rain some more
  • Attended a couple of swanky dinner parties
  • Overran my mobile phone texting limit
  • Downloaded (legally) some great new & old music

And in pictures... (click for larger view)

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