Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Architectural Commission

The building sits two blocks from the old studio space. Architecturally speaking, it's quite unusual; a turreted, modern, ivy-clad structure rising out of a small grove of palms smack dab in the middle of the town's business, legal & state-county services section. In paradox to it's urban setting, the building also sits at the gateway to lush valley of Iao with it's boulder-lined stream and soaring vertical mountain walls.

An elegant brass & dark marble entrance lobby greets you as you pass through the doors- flanked with arch-topped smoked glass windows rising five stories from ground level on either side. Inside the corridors on each level, you find the familiar florescent lit, plastic hallways. Pass though the rich koa veneer doors leading into the various office configurations and wow... a wall of floor to ceiling windows with views so magically distracting that it becomes easier to understand why the wheels of local government, the building's principal current occupants, turn so very slowly...

The building, built during the orgy of easy money real estate development of the late 80's, had fallen on hard times in recent years. Now under relatively new management, the place is coming back to it's original glory. Thanks to a commission from a mainland-based Capital Investment firm, I had the pleasure of spending a day capturing images of the building inside and out. The budget, number of views required, etc. meant I had to work quickly and with available light only. 

Pleased with the resulting body of work, the client has added another small project that I hope to complete by the end of this week.

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