Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kids & Dogs

Busy for the past couple of weeks. Best intentions to keep this thing regularly updated aside... priorities must be organized in a sensible manner. Work always comes first.

Wrapped up the final phases of a resort project begun late last year and dragged out well into the current one as we waited for occupancy to allow for creative interference. Happy to say this one is finally wrapped & ready to be delivered.

Spent most of the past two weeks organizing, scouting, pre-producing & shooting Round Three of another national print campaign on behalf of the local tourism authority. 

Somehow I have managed to brand myself as the go-to guy when it comes to working with 5 year olds & dogs. Two days of actually shooting the project - four different island locations, two of them being busy public streets even and quite difficult to manage as we dodged passing cars & foot traffic while waiting for perfect light. During one portion of the project... a partial solar-eclpise occurred and interfered with lighting. Add to that a fatal traffic accident occurred, shutting down the roads from one side of the island to the other and preventing scheduled talent from making it to the set altogether.

The show must go on, however... crew standing by idly and AD's & AE's, flown in from H'lulu for the two day shoot - looking nervous over the delays until it was decided to cast the shot on-the-fly. Approaching visitors from the mainland as they walked by, enticements of a fat wad of cash and unlimited fruity-frozen island treats piqued the interest of the young lad in the group. Three hours later, the shot was successfully completed and may even be one of the strongest in the series of 4. Miracles DO happen!

Big Mahalos to A & S from H'lulu for bringing us in for a third round of ads in this campaign. Also thanks to stylists Liz & Anna, PA Brendan, assistant Niki, all the location owners, all the kids, Chester the Aussie Shepherd (made it into the final round of shots), Beth as Chester wrangler, Harry at the County Film Office for rush expediting our permits and even dropping by one of the sets to shoot production stills. 

The past four days have been spent processing & retouching the edits from the project and it can now be shipped off to the agency sometime tomorrow.

This leaves me just enough time to make final preparations & pack for the impending trip to Indonesia & Cambodia in a few days. Watch for updates from the journey. I've managed to secure lodging in Indonesia with a well-known photographer & gallery operator on the Island of Bali, Rio Helmi. This should make the travel even more interesting than usual...

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