Friday, April 26, 2013


Mad & hectic month April has turned out to be. The arrival & departure of Master D, elevating the art of couch-surfing to professional levels for three week was quickly followed by the arrival of parents, visiting from the East Coast, still in residence until monday evening. 

In between acting as host, tour guide & dotting eldest son, there have been projects to shoot, projects to scout & pre-produce and an exciting new project that promises to be stimulating, creative & long-term on may different levels. Can't go into that lat bit just yet... patience.

Yesterday, a meeting with entrepreneur, restaurateur & chef with the golden touch - Mark Ellman, to discuss plans and tour the building slated for his next exciting venue. Meeting over a several salads (one especially tasty concoction featuring grilled octopus) in his acclaimed Honu Maui venue ("Honu" is the Hawaiian word for "turtle"), a large, live specimen was spotted basking on the rocks just outside the dining room.

Then - it was over to the old building next door, awaiting permit approval and redesign as the newest addition to Mark's dining dynasty. Especially interesting was an old vault used in old plantation days to keep payroll safe.

Today I was asked to give a presentation to the University of Hawaii Culinary Arts Academy on alternative industries in and around the culinary arts. My talk... to a dozen or so 1st year students focused on food photography & food styling. Armed with a handful of videos showcasing an array of "tricks" employed by stylists, the students were attentive, involved and curious.

Surprised was I to enter the classroom to find a projection screen already illuminated with my logo and website opening page.

And now, it's nearly the end of friday. Plans for a sunset, beachside meal with the parents at the North Shore's finest eatery are in store. I'm free for the rest of the weekend... for the first time in nearly a month. 


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