Monday, February 18, 2013

Fifty Shades of Meh

This weather is depressing. For the past week and then some, it's been cold, wet & windy. Sideways rain lashes the studio windows. The cold & damp has required the warmth of the small, irish wood stove most evenings. Chester has been unable to romp with his friends during the customary morning park excursions and is beginning to climb the walls, much like myself.

Did manage to sneak in a second trip the the eastern reaches of the island between deluges on friday, all in pursuit of editorial completion to a story destined for the pages of Islands Magazine.  The story features food and the subject of my lens made sure that not only was I nourished on-set, but also loaded my front seat with a stack of styrofoam containers filled with grilled island delicacies for the winding return trip home. Edit completed and uploaded to the PE by that evening.

There has been plenty of studio work to keep us busy indoors... cataloging works by a watercolorist friend, ads for a local glass-blowing studio, a head-shot or two... 

Then there is the end-of-year tax prep... well underway and almost ready to drop off at the accountant's to see what sort of magic she might work on my behalf again this year.

While I am grateful for the indoor work to occupy the hours and keep the boredom at bay, I am really over this weather - forecast to continue unabated at least until this weekend. My lawn is now overgrown and there are numerous other outdoor projects requiring immediate attention. They will have to wait until the winds & rains abate. 

Tonite, the newly formed Manao Radio Task Force converges for it's second formal meeting and planning session. Thursday is a pre-pro meeting with fashion designer Maggie Coloumbe, model fittings to put together the plan of action for the soon-to-happen shoot. End of the month we return to Hana for a mix of rest and work... then, if all goes as planned, an escape to the equator once again with plans for Bali & Cambodia in the works.

If the warm sun doesn't show up here soon, I'll just have to go to it...

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