Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Keokea, Maui - January 2, 2013

Holidays have passed rather uneventfully for the most part... 

Pulled a double radio shift Christmas Day, flogging jingle bells for 8 hours on-air. Thank God we won't have to hear another one of those for the next 11 months. A subdued gathering around the traditional cioppino pot just before new years eve with fellow refugees from Baltimore & other members of the tribe. Kept awake most of the night new year's eve by neighborly pyrotechnics exploding well beyond the wee hours. Awoke the next "morning" at 3:30am only to find them still at it as I prepared for yet another pre-dawn holiday radio program. 

Returned home from the station in late morning to work on the installation of the new "library", requiring the dismantling and reassembly of a massive, custom wood bookshelf, the aid of another neighbor and several hours of sweat.

Word came early today of the overnight death of a friend & fixture of the local art scene... a deadly car accident, the island's first for 2013. The weather brisk, wintery, wet & foggy. Appropriate... as if the island mourned the loss. Aloha Connie.

End of year bookkeeping & bill paying occupied much of today until I could take no more and headed out into the mist & fog in search of a photo or two.

Happy New Year! Holidays are over. Let's get on with it...

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