Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Scout

Annual production budgets have apparently been accumulating for the past 10 months and have suddenly been cut loose & put to use, needing to be spent before we say goodbye to 2012. 

This is all good news, of course. It's been an almost overnight opening of the floodgates on confirmed & potential advertising assignments over the course of the past couple of days. The pressure is on... with four MAJOR projects lasting several days and a few other smaller projects now requiring completion sometime around the end of this month. Travel plans to three islands are being finalized for the next two weeks with two other assignments to be completed closer to home. Next month will also involve more inter-island travel for two final architectural gigs requiring several days each.

Yesterday, met Oahu agency folks at the airport for a long day of scouting the island one end to the other. On the lookout list were rustic, old town store fronts, trees with enormous gnarled roots, friendly domesticated goats, pastoral panoramic island scenics, dusty mountain trails and the obligatory pristine beach or three...

A mid-day refueling of ramen noodles & spicy kim-chee, dramatic big surf and humorous shop-talk made the hours pass quickly & pleasurable as we checked off each item, one-by-one, on our must-find list. 

Arriving back at the airport with my passenger cargo just as darkness began to fall, there was just enough time for agency CD to make her flight back to H'lulu, she having the foresight to pre-print the requisite boarding pass. Sadly, the AE for this gig didn't... missing her flight and being forced to wait an hour for the next Oahu plane.

Now it's onto the scheduling, logistical and casting tasks at hand.

Phase III of land-fort construction project began bright & early this morning. Framers moved in at 7:30am to dig out massive Bird of Paradise plants now in the way and in need of relocation. A short time later, three pallets of lumber were delivered. A couple of hours later, the crew had the foundation piers dug in and set. An hour after that, floor beams had been set. With any luck at all, we will be all framed in by the weekend. I am seeing the light at the end of the construction tunnel coming and look forward to the end of the cash hemorrhage of the past 7 months.

After several days of breathless, windless, hot & humid days, the weather has taken a sudden turn. By late morning, prevailing tradewinds have slowly returned and a light mist has begun to fall. Temperatures have returned to cool & comfortable. 

Now... it's back to work for me. Here's a couple of glimpses of yesterday's journey:

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