Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bad Blogger!

Despite all good intentions to add regular update posts to this thing, the past two weeks have gotten away from me as we finished up Phase II of construction. Most of the painting now complete & trim nailed into place, there is only some minor touch-up work and a final permit inspection standing in the way of commencing the demolition of a small perimeter building and start of Phase III. Once completed, this will provide my better half with a proper, detached office space... something she keenly wishes to occupy before the holiday season is upon us. 

So, updates may continue in spotty fashion for a bit longer yet as I take up hammer, saw & paint brushes over the next few weeks, all while dashing to & fro between assignments, studio and construction site. 

The end is near... there is light down the tunnel and all has, so far, exceeded expectations. Now, onto the meat...

Got a call yesterday from a Seattle based fashion photographer inquiring about the availability of seasoned and competent photographic assistants here on the island. Oddly enough, I find myself conducting a similar search. After wading through a multitude of responses to my search, nearly all of them falling short of the mark, interviews were granted to two candidates with some potential to make the cut. But that is another story for another time...

Said photographer just happened to be in the neighborhood when she called. After a brief and hopefully illuminating phone chat, arrangements were made that she drop round the studio for coffee and further dialog. A short time later, Rachel Olsson pulled into the driveway on a shiny new, italian-designed crotch-rocket, grabbed her backpack, peeled out of her leathers and we sat down to swap lies and war stories about the declining state of the industry. Charming, funny, engaging and above all, talented, I liked her immediately and loose plans were made to collaborate on something and to keep in touch.

I enjoyed the rare opportunity to engage with a colleague well-versed in the commercial/editorial realm and look forward to future opportunities to engage.

And, while we are speaking of chatting about photography... another rare opportunity presents itself on the evening of September 27th when David Ulrich - fine-art photographer, author, former island resident and current Program Coordinator of the Pacific New Media Center at University of Hawaii, Manoa will present a free lecture at Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center in Makawao. David has been an old friend, teacher & active photographer, with over 75 exhibitions under his belt & a book titled THE WIDENING STREAM: THE SEVEN STAGES OF CREATIVITY published several years ago.   

The free lecture begins at 5:30pm in the Hui's Media Lab. Be sure to mark your calendars.

Following the lecture, on Friday, September 28th, David & his partner will be conducting a workshop titled:

Creativity & Yoga: Exploring the Creative Process

The workshop runs from 10am-4pm. You can find more details HERE.

"Shelby Falls MA"  ©1975 David Ulrich

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