Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

The opportunity to make a dream come true has presented itself... the designing and building of new studio space... though there will be some small compromises in square footage, a draftsman has already been retained and initial plans are underway for a very adequate shooting & office/production space attached to my home. This move will save a couple of grand in overhead each month, an hour of driving time each day, and the ability to work when I want to, at any hour of the day or night. Construction, given permits are approved and in place, should begin sometime in early spring. Can't wait!

Sudden changes in island weather, hot & muggy to cool, wet & breezy,  during the past week or so left me down & out for a few days, along with almost everyone else I know. Head cold to cough... nothing serious but the crud is definitely making the rounds here in the 50th State. Last weekend, a Vancouver-based interior designer client flew in to art direct a multi-day architectural assignment... she arrived on island sick, assistant B showed up sick, I was in the beginning phases of recovery. Still... the work got done and with good results. After all, if nothing else, we ARE professionals! This gig was the first opportunity to really work out with the newly acquired Nikon D3x and I must say, this camera lives up to all the hype and positives reviews heaped upon it. Gorgeous, huge, clean image files, the ability to again use all of my older wide, fixed-focal length lenses, incredibly fast card writing and download times... and combined with the new camera controlling software I blogged about in my last entry, things have been kicked up a notch.

And even though we are only hitting the end of November, this week has been spent wrapping up business for the year. Two more small assignments to produce & deliver early next week before I board a plane early wednesday morning, bound first for Seoul, South Korea where I will be enjoying the non-customary Thanksgiving meal of Kalbi & Bim Bim Bap at an airport kiosk before boarding another plane to transport me to the Indonesian Island of Bali where I will spend a month working on at least two additional editorial assignments plus a myriad of personal projects begun long ago and put on hold due to lack of travel funds during the past two years.

Excitement is already building as I make preparations for the trip... new International Driver's Permit arrived by mail yesterday, passport double checked for requisite extra pages usually required by Indonesian Immigration, new flight cases for camera gear, lodging secured via email... almost all the pre-preparations for a month abroad are now completed.

But enough of that for now... I'll be blogging as regularly as time permits from 2 degrees south of the equator.

Until then, I wanted to direct your attention to some work I stumbled upon earlier in the week thanks to photo blogger Jorg Colberg and his blog Conscientious:

Fine Art Photographer Jane Fulton Alt has been a creative force for quite some time. A recent series she titles The Burn has really caught my attention. Photographing controlled burns of prairie lands has yielded spectacular, ephemeral images which she describes as:
"... [the] moment when life and death are not contradictory but are perceived as a single process to be embraced as a whole."
The Burn Series (and her other work also) is well worth a look. Find it here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I'll be reporting in during my travels...

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