Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

All Hallow's Eve and at every turn, ghouls, ghosts & goblins roam the streets of town, peering out from bank-teller windows, shop & restaurant doorways... There has been a chill in the evening air at the upper elevations and gentle rains have begun to fall, all appropriate weather indicators for the season's change. The specimen shown above will escape the carving knife's transformation into the traditional jack-o-lantern. This one is destined for the soup pot. 

The two month resort assignment is now completed, edited, photoshopped & delivered. We ended with a five day stint in Kona on the Big Island, employing the assistance of a local assistant/fixer named David who rose to the challenge and picked up the workflow quickly & efficiently. This ended up saving the client several hundred dollars in airfares & meal per diems, making for a very happy client. 

Since the return from Kona, there has been a production requiring a full day and several additional trips to Kula Hospital to promote their relatively new emergency service clinic and advanced aging care. 

All the recent assignment activity has afforded me the resources to acquire, at long last, the Nikon D3X... a marvelous tool with full-frame sensor, 24+ megapixels and marvelous ability to handle digital noise in low-light situations with high ISO settings. This new ability to work in low-light environments will really come in handy when I return to Indonesia late next month to hop, once again, on the ceremonial circuit... following temple rituals around the island of Bali. The camera arrived last friday and I had the opportunity to put it thru some cursory testing over the weekend. My wholly unscientific findings are that this is one incredible machine!

There has been some good information appearing, in recent weeks, at various photography blogs. Here's a quick rundown of some of the best, in case you missed them:

East coast-based photo Zack Arias posted a very informative piece on portfolio editing at his blog. Find it here.

A Photo Assistant as, after a very long absence, returned with a very good piece on lighting for the assistant. Titled  "To Meter, Or Not To Meter", the article is well worth a couple of minutes of your time. Find it here.

There's lots of Halloween inspired imagery and related bloggery up today at The Photography Post, the default clearing house for top photo blogs from around the world. Find it here.

A week or so ago at A Photo Editor, there was an thought provoking discussion, especially in the comments section, relating to ethics & conscience in advertising. Read it here.

A Happy Halloween to all!

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