Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Living Large

Our digs last week during our outing to the Big Island. Private, beachfront residence adjacent to a massive resort... two stories, four bedrooms, lost count of bathrooms, chef's kitchen, library-entertainment room, living room large enough to entertain three or four hundred of your closest friends, private pool & spa, 8000+ sq.ft. Did I mention the butler?

Spent two days working around engineering staff installing new tile work, cabinetry & furnishings & finishing up a massive punch-list in preparation for the arrival of a VIP Guest moving in literally just after we were moving out.

Barely made the flight back home as we waited around for word on a helicopter flight for some last minute aerial work. Word never came, leaving us with an hour to gas up, make the forty minute drive to the airport, return the car and check all the gear onto the flight to Honolulu and the connecting flight home to Maui. All airports were extremely busy... a good sign for summer's economic outlook overall.

Now waiting for coordination details from the producer to begin work on the editorial piece on island chocolatiers. There was also a new assignment handed to us yesterday... another editorial piece on an old friend whom I haven't seen in a while... a syndicated columnist hiding out in the jungles of Hana on the east side of the island. Looks like a drive along the lush & winding Road to Hana is in store for the very near future. That's really NOT going to suck.

There's more fun with the camera phone below:

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