Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phone Home Daily

First Blossom, February 2011

Moonset & Palms, Wailea Beach, February 2011

So enamoured have I become of the image capture abilities of the iPhone4. With lots of free & downloadable apps available, simulating the looks of a variety of camera & film emulsions, very adequate resolution capabilities and the unobtrusive and spontaneous ease of use of the device, I've been happily snapping away, testing various "lens" & "film" combinations. 

Up until recently, I've been making simple snapshots. Now, I'm getting more serious, experimenting with those various combinations working towards compositions with the intent of creating a series, a body of work,
 for eventual print & exhibition. The goal is to make several photographs each & every day using the device and editing the amassed images into a series I'm now calling Phone Home Daily.

The two images above were made over the past two days using the iPhone4, Hipstamatic & Lomolomo apps respectively.


whitney, brooks said...

amazing what these phones are capable of. doesn't it freak you out though?

Tony Novak-Clifford said...

Amazing is right...

No, it doesn't freak me out. It's like dlsr's. Now, everybody can make better photographs, sure. It still takes some skill and an eye, no matter the tool, to move past snapshot.

The spontaneousness of it all I find highly attractive. And there's that psychological hurdle of... if I have to reach into my camera bag for a real camera, then it feels like work. The camera phone, however, is almost always on me, unobtrusive and feels like play.

whitney, brooks said...

good point.
i think i need to go phone shopping =)