Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Eloquent & Timely Rant

" With the advent of digital technology, and the past two decade long corporate push to crush photographer's copyright trade practices, the model is broken and will surely die soon, unless photographers unify & fight back. That's as likely as herding the proverbial cats... still it's a shocking thing to see photographers slitting their own throats. That's partly due to ignorance and fear - young shooters are not taught the value of copyright and existing trade practices and say yes to whatever terms they are offered just to break in - and older shooters say yes to bad terms out of a very real need not to starve to death. I get it.... "      
                                                       -Photographer Doug Menuez/ No Copyright=The Borg

Beginning of the ultimate demise of the industry or a just-in-time call to arms? Doug Menuez, brilliant Bay Area based photographer has been in this industry for years, sees our livelyhood slowly being eaten away by corporate pressures, ignorance, fear and, one I'll add for the record... Laziness. He shares his thoughts on the matter on his blog: Doug Menuez 2.0: Go Fast, Don't Crash. Please take the time to read his timely rant, in it's entirety, HERE

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