Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The View From Home- Home Office

It is here, at this table, where I spend early mornings and evenings - especially during these warm days & nights of autumn. When the sun is not too bright to work on the laptop, I spend my time here responding to emails, corresponding with clients & companions, surrounded by lemon & lime trees full of ripening fruit, canopied by a shapely Jatropha covered in tiny red blossoms and buzzing with honeybees in the mornings, feral free-range chickens running by with their broods and a great view of Haleakala, world's largest dormant volcano. The avocado tree has given up for the season after producing a record crop of pear-shaped & buttery orbs... red-torch ginger & birds of paradise bloom abundantly, star fruit & naval orange trees are straining from the load. Horses & cattle forage in the adjacent pastures as I type, read and begin the business of the new day.

The winter wet season will hopefully soon be upon us and I will soon enough be forced to retreat indoors for my morning repast(s). Until then, I will enjoy these warm mornings & nights of autumn.


Jack said...

Indeed, a perfect time of the year, looking forward to the rain too.

london said...

I'm a huge fan of your home office, and your little dog too.-- London