Tuesday, May 4, 2010

100 Yards... A Second Look For The Thousandth Time

900 feet, not a great distance, the length of a football field. If I stood at my front door and drew a circle with a radius of 100 yards, the area within that circle would contain a small microcosm of a world completely familiar to me. I could walk much of it with my eyes closed and rarely stumble. Along with the familiarity comes a jaded eye... seeing these accustomed objects, landmarks & surroundings on a daily basis without really seeing... without really looking. Time for a second look.

                                                             Corroded Water Storage Tank

Shed Door Detail

Shadows Falling On A Fence

Neighbors On Horseback

1 comment:

Miki said...

I think this is a great idea.
It will be intersting that you do this in different place with the same idea.
may be 100 places,100 yards.
begin with the map of the locations( 100 places.) and then photograph the over all view of what you see ( 1 image) and then as you do. would be great.... just an idea that came when i read this.