Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dinner For Five: Photographers

NY-based editorial photographer Andrew Hetherington is the brains and energy behind the Whats the Jackanory? blog site. Unrelenting in his efforts to inform, entertain & enlighten, Andrew's latest video project, Dinner for Five Photographers is now beginning to appear in segments posted at the WTJ? site. So far, episodes I & II have been posted over the last couple of days. Each clip features an intimate, candid glimpse into the minds of the five participating photographers as they order, chew, laugh and wax poetic on a myriad of topics .

Episode I, posted yesterday, covers such illuminating topics as:

1) Don't Touch The Table
2) Time Management On The Shoot
3) Dress For Success
4) Eat Or Die
5) Hard Work Breeds Success
6) Now Is The Time
7) Mentoring, Interns, Kindness To Colleagues & Assistants

Episode II, posted this morning, covers:

1) The Book
2) Braised Beef
3) Balls
4) Dan Winters
5) Delivering The Edit
6) Obama Light
7) Middle Aged White Women
8) A Fanny Pack Can Save Your Life

Humorous, informative, even quirky... these short clips are well worth a few moments of your time. Find them Here.

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