Friday, November 13, 2009

ASMP Launches dpBestflow

The American Society of Media Photographers has launched a new website outlining & defining standards & best practices for all aspects of the digital photography workflow, from color management to file delivery, for the working photographer. Long in the forefront (and often mired in internal politics), ASMP's newest innovation towards education and standardization of business practices is the result of a two year effort by members Richard Anderson & Peter Krogh and debuted earlier this week during the FotoweekDC events. dpBestflow, in addition to the most informative website, will also include a book/manual as well as a travelling seminar series.

As we are all digital photographers in some form or another these days, spend some time at the website... learn the best practices and guidelines and apply them to the way you handle your d-workflow. You can find here:

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