Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trip To Hana

Old DC pal and superstar Smooth Jazz keyboard artist Gregg Karukas has been in the islands for the past few days to play a gig in Waikiki last saturday night. Besides having several great jazz bands back in the DC days, Gregg was also the original keyboardist for The Rippingtons, the band leader for the old Gary Shandling Show on HBO, has scored several feature films, toured with drummer Alphonse Mouzon, Melissa Manchester, Boney James and a host of others. Gregg has also released 11 of his own very fine recordings, his latest, GK just about to be released. You can get it online here.

After wrapping up his saturday gig on Oahu, Gregg hopped a plane Maui bound has been hanging around my house for the past couple of days relaxing, getting into the Maui vibe (can we expect a maui tune on the next release?) and catching me up on old friends from the east coast.

Yesterday, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed out east along the Hana Coast to check out the waterfalls, secluded beaches, jungle foliage and roadside homemade banana-coconut ice cream (thanks Coconut Glen!). Here's a couple of pics from the outing.

Gregg at Twin Falls:

The old Catholic Church on the Wailua Penninsula:

The old church's interior:

The Keanae Coast looking towards Wailua:

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