Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Links

The past week or so has seen a real uptick in business around these parts, hence the relative inactivity here on the blog. There has been a multitude of requests for estimates, proposals and potential assignment work... some of it signed off on and ready for pre-production, some still in the initial bidding phase with the ripe potential for coming to fruition. All good news!

However, rather than spend these few moments at the keyboard shamelessly reveling in my new found potential for continued prosperity, I thought I would use this time to provide you, dear reader, with some links to some of the wonderful imagery, information and fun that has popped up recently on the photo blogosphere.

Andrew Hetherington is a New York editorial photographer, all around witty guy and tireless proponent of all things photographic. In addition to his work, Mr. H also publishes one of the most informative & entertaining photoblogs you'll find. His What's the Jackanory blog makes for most entertaining reading, often includes stunning eye-candy produced by the mad irishman and lists a blogroll of the best and most popular photoblogs ever to be found.

Andrew's entry for today details his attendance to the invite-only gathering of New York photographer's Nutopia Forum, hosted infrequently by acclaimed celebrity portraitist Platon. Last evening's gathering featured a lecture & slideshow by the great Jim Marshall, a man who's career has spanned over 50 years and has created some of the most iconic photographs from the world of rock & roll ever to see publication. Andrew has even posted video from the event and it well worth a watch (caution... a bit long but worthwhile nevertheless. You can find it here.

Over at Conscientious, the weblog published by fine-art photography connoisseur Jorg Colberg, stunning images from the 2008 war in the Russian Republic of Georgia by Rena Effendi is on display. Find it here. 

An interesting discussion of the topic of "fair use" is currently taking place over at the blog published by the editors at Photo District News. The now iconic Obama "Hope" campaign poster created by street/grafitti artist Shepard Fairey apparently began it's life based on a photograph by former AP photographer Mannie Garcia. AP is now claiming copyright infringement. You can find it here.

OK... that should keep you busy over the coming weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo-links!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you the pink rambo of Bali? Your own self-photo is soooooo camp and bad in every way; you are a professional you say? Jeez!

Tony Novak-Clifford said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for dropping by and spreading your bile in yet another corner of cyberspace.

You wouldn't know the meaning of "professional".

The noose is tightening...

Anonymous said...

Reading your past blog entries it's interesting that you mentioned your interest in the non commercial aspects of photography. I would like to view some of your personal work.Your professional work is flawless,as would be expected from a professional.I'm using your blog as a learning site.The photo links that you provide are full of photographs that are a good source of what is currently going on in photography.Keep up the good work.I stumbled on your blog by accident.I'm looking forward for more entries.

Tony Novak-Clifford said...

@ Anonymous# 3

That's very kind of you to say. Thank you for the kind words.

There are examples of personal work scattered around the various entries here on the blog. There will be more coming as time allows.