Monday, December 15, 2008

Just One More, 'Cause It's Never Enough

I like to drop in every once in a while to photographer Emily Shur's "My Four Eyed Fantasy" blog to see what's up. Today, Emily posted about attending a concert by The Cure at L.A.'s famed Troubadour Club. This reminded me of the hours spent during the '80's listening to the dark, dreary, mesmerizing sounds of Robert Smith & Co. and of this... one of my all time favorite music videos.
Perhaps I'll spin a Cure tune or two tomorrow morning on my weekly radio program "The Academy of Errors" at Manao radio. Maui listeners can tune in from 6-10 AM at 91.5 FM every Tuesday morning.Those of you out of signal range can catch the program via live internet streaming here.

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