Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday Blues

The first email I receive this morning is a notice from a client that a 2-3 day shoot scheduled to begin next weekend is cancelled or at the very least, postponed. Not good news to start the week and the first sign here at the studio of the effects of the rapidly declining economy here in Hawaii. The client reasoned that the cancellation was necessary because, so far, the month of June as turned out to be absolutely terrible for business. I'm hearing this a lot from many of my friends with retail businesses in the resort areas. Hotel occupancies are way down, travel costs to and from the islands have increased obscenely with the downfall of competitive Aloha and ATA Airlines and the steadily rising cost of fuel. Fortunately, United Airlines announced yesterday that will will be adding as many as 7-10 new flights to Hawaii daily beginning very soon.

I'm grateful to still have enough work coming in for the foreseeable future. I'm up for a campaign for a large resort on the Big Island thanks to Laird Christianson Advertising in Honolulu, now perhaps the biggest agency player in the state since buying out and absorbing the staff and clientele of Starr Seigle McCombs Advertising. I've also just submitted a proposal by request to Millici Valenti Ng Pak for a new campaign for Whalers Village Shopping Center.
Hopefully a couple of those irons in the fire will eventually pay off with the landing of both of those assignments.

Below are a couple of outtakes from a shoot for a surf wear boutique in Wailea from last weeks various outings. This one came up at the last minute with a need for teen girls ages 14-16 but no budget for talent, styling, etc. . A desperate call to a friend's daughter proved gold. Not only was she perfect for the shoot, but she was able to wrangle a friend in also. Both were great and the resulting images made it to the art director for placement in the layout and off to the printers with only minutes to spare before the ads went to press. A Big Mahalo to Serena Arena. You really saved the day. And an equally big mahalo to your friend, Alexis Aguera for coming to the rescue and looking great in the process! Your pictures are on the way, girls.

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